fr quest:Farming: Shambler Madness!  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Reginald in Briarwood Farm.
Reginald says,"D-did you put something on these delicious, scrumptous fruit and vegetables? I-I can barely restrain myself!!

I-I must have more! Get out of my way!! "

Stop Reginald from wrecking your farm!
This is a Search quest.

Stars 20 
  • Hose Reginald down with water! -- 0/3
  • Speak to Reginald
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Reginald the Mad starts to wander around your Briarwood Farm saying "M-More V-V-Veggies! MMmmooaar!!" "N-No! No water me! Rrrroooaaarr!!"

Closing Dialogue

Reginald says, "Oh my...that was interesting. I do apoligize for my outburst.

That produce you've grown was simply out of this world! Thank you."

UNK Briarwood Farm
Quest Series
Farming: Convert the Heathens
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