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The Town of Snowhill
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The town of Snowhill is in the north of Sacred Grove, above the snow line. In the northern mountains is a Crystal Barrier that prevents further exploration at this time.

Local Places



Quest Series

Helping Snowhill

  1. Meet the Mayor!
  2. Hot Mess
  3. Bad Neighbors
  4. Toiling with Towels
  5. Smoothie Operator
  6. Something Fishy
  7. Wayward Worms
  8. The Hole Thing
  9. Little J is Missing!
  10. Big J Says Thanks
  11. Status Reports
  12. Key to the City

Snowhill Protector

  1. The Wolf Menace
  2. Harassing the Harassers
  3. Shifty Snowmen
  4. The Yeti Menace
  5. Protectors Never Rest
  6. Trolling for Trolls

Building a Defense

  1. Defending the Fish
  2. Smelly Stockpile
  3. Fishy Strategy

Snowhill Secret Society

This quest is given by Scarlet Shadeveil in Snowhill, and can sometimes be tricky, especially if you forget or miss the hints! Here's a refresher on the hints for each step.

  1. One member likes to heat things up in this chilly town.
  2. She is the first face you see when you enter Snowhill.
  3. Edges never stay dull long with this guy.
  4. He's often on thin ice with the tourists.

Still stumped? The answers can be found here.


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