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Snowhill Token
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Snowhill Elite Exploration

This is an Elite Exploration collection.

This collection is geared toward Adventurers who roam the lands.

The items in this collection can all be found in the area of Snowhill.

Find Snowhill Token and collect it to find an item from the list, below.

  • Melted Corner
  • Beyond the Nameless Peak
  • Penguin Path
  • Leafy Retreat
  • Hot Hangout
  • Miner Difficulties
  • Perry's Hideaway
  • Between Rocks And Trees
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  • Melted Corner - On the roots of the tree a little south of Snowhill Soccer Field. From the soccer field, go south on the path until you get to Gerold. Then turn right into a little grassy area, and you'll see the tree in front of you, with the token on the left side roots. Go up to the right side of the tree to jump onto the roots, and jump from root to root to get the token.

  • Perry's Hideaway - Behind the Windmill on the Snow cliffs. Use nearby Launch Pads to access. Once you jump on the lowest one, you should be able to see the token on the hillside. Jump up to the top pad, then head south to the token.

  • Hot Hangout - In the Hot Springs. From the last one, head into town until you get to the circular center path. When you get to the manhole cover, start going around the circle to your left. The hot springs is the first side path, just past the merchant cart. Go over the bridge, turn left, and head up the hill behind Murphy. The token is on that upper level.

  • Between Rocks And Trees - Past the starting barrels for Tad Slopeslider's challenge, on the east side of the small frozen pond, behind the blocking boulders. From the previous token, cross back over the bridge and turn right at the mailbox. Turn right again and head up the hill to the Frostfang Snarler. Turn left, continue up the hill to the Frosty Yeti, and take the path to the right. It will curve as you climb, until you reach the red flag. Below, you'll see a frozen pond with Michi and Patterwings. Head down to them, to the tree and rock cluster on the far shore of the pond. Squeeze between the rocks, go around the 2 trees, and climb the hill behind them. When you reach the next level, you'll see 2 trees and the token on your right.

  • Miner Difficulties - In the Singing Crystal Mines, behind Trixi. From the last one, go back down to the circle path, continue around to your left, and make the left turn at the phone booth. Climb the hill to the mine, and once inside follow the track to your left until you get to a cart with red crystals. Turn right, to the other track, and look left beyond the multi-colored crystal pile, to the lamp post. Head down that shaft to Trixi, and the token is behind the machinery.

  • Leafy Retreat - Behind Yaren Sunstare's home near the Crystal Barrier. Go back to the circle path and continue left. The next side path splits at a fire hydrant. For this token, take the left path up toward the barrier. Head to the house on your right, with the leafy roof, and the token is behind it.

  • Penguin Path - In the metal ledge surrounding the Penguin Training Institute. From the last one, go back to the fire hydrant and go left until you get to Jimmy Squarefeet, then turn right and climb the hill. Turn left and follow the sliding penguin to Milo, and climb the hill behind him to Snowy Canyon. There's 2 boulders on the right of the dungeon, climb on them, jump over to the gutter of the building, and follow it to the other end.

  • Beyond the Nameless Peak - Up the hill and around the corner from Wintery Basin. When you jump down from the last one, you'll see Frani Frostflinger. Turn and climb the hill path beside her. When you get to Wintery Basin, look up on the hill to your right to see the token. Turn right and continue climbing up to the red flag. Stand on the ridge looking back at the fishing hole, and you'll see the token on a ledge below you.


Leafy Retreat
Leafy Retreat
Melted Corner
Melted Corner

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