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From the Snowhill stage to the Snowhill hot springs, there's never a dull moment at Snowhill. See what's going on at these locations.

This is an Exploration collection.

Adventure Job Experience

The items in this collection can all be found in the area of Snowhill.

Visit the following locations:
  • Penguin Training Facility
  • Lookout Below
  • Widow's Peak
  • Valley View Point
  • Snowhill Post Office
  • Snowhill Hot Springs
  • Singing Crystal Mines
  • Snowhill Stage
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  • Penguin Training Facility - head north-east through Snowhill until you reach a fork in the road to the right of a very tall building. Take the right fork and walk up the hill until you reach another fork. Take the right fork again, walk under two lamps across the path and then under an arch with a collar symbol in the center.
  • Lookout Below has a banner and some barrels and looks down over Snowhill Hot Springs. It's right on the path to the Howling Hills instance.
  • Widow's Peak overlooks the soccer field and farm to the south of Snowhill.
  • Valley View Point is above the warpstone. To reach it you need to head east to the battle area (members only, Frostfang Cavern), turn south uphill past the Ice Troll Scout, follow the path round to the west, past Cross Aneko and Petty Yeti, turn south again and you will reach a large red flag.
  • Snowhill Post Office - From the warpstone, head north and when on the ice-lake head north-north-west passing behind the skate-shop. It's the first building in front of you. Head to the north-end, and go on the steps near Loryn.
  • Snowhill Hot Springs - From the center of snowhill, head due west on the cobblestone path. Follow the steam and cross the little bridge into the springs.
  • Singing Crystal Mines - ...
  • Snowhill Stage - Head to the north-east corner of the town. The building is large with a number of people outside and distinctive lighting (and a large red curtain).

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