FR Quest:The Hole Thing  

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To Start: Speak to Big J in Snowhill.
Big J says,"Having bait won't do any good if there's no where to fish! I worry that the ole' fishing hole has frozen over. Would you mind checking on it for me?

I'd be really impressed if you brought back a whopper-sized fish! "

Big J wants to know if the fishing hole has frozen over. Check it out for him and bring back a fish if you can.

When you return to Big J he says, "Woo-hoo! That's a beautiful catch.

Looks as if the fishing hole is open for business!"

This is a Search quest.

  • Coins 9 
Make sure that the Snowhill fishing hole has not frozen over.
  • Check the fishing hole
  • Talk to the fisherman
  • Return to Big J
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Fisherman's Dialogue:

    Fisherman says, "Has the fishing hole frozen over?

    Nope. I've been fishing with no problems all day. In fact, I've been having great luck and have caught more fish than I need!

    Here, save yourself the trouble and take one of mine.


The fishing hole is to the right and back as you face Big J, behind the boat to the Frostbitten Banks.

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