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Deep Mines
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Deep Mines

Click on the dungeon entrance to Deep Mines to begin this battle.

Tuga the Bruiser took over the Deep Mines! Find and defeat Tuga so the miners can return to their jobs!
 Difficulty:     Totals: Coins 119 Stars 167 

Primary: Defeat the Robgoblin Leaders, Tuga and Taraz!

Bonus:  Find and defeat the Robgoblin Pyromancer!

Don't get knocked out 5 times!
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Coins are earned from the five Robgoblin Wizards, Taraz and the treasure chest, Coins 17 each.

The "Members Only Bonus" for this dungeon is Coins 131 .

Completing the Bonus objective gives you one random piece in a random color of:

  • Archer: Archer gear
  • Brawler: Brawler gear
  • Medic: Emergency Medic gear
  • Ninja: Ninja gear
  • Warrior: Warrior gear
  • Wizard: Wizard gear

Prize Wheel Rewards

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Note: These tips may need revising as they were written before the December 2009 combat update.

Robgoblin Leaders (red dots on map):

  • Tarza is in the far North area
  • Tuga the Bruiser is in the far West area. To get ot him, you must defeat Tarza first. A rescued miner will take some dynamite and destroy the cave-in that bloacks the area with Tuga (see red bar on map)

Possible Robgoblin Kaboom Boxes Location (green dots on map):

  • Far Southwest cavern
  • Path to Tuga
  • Path to Tarza
  • In the area with Tuga - either with him or on the ground
NOTE: Try to sneak up to the area with the Boxes and pull a few monsters at a time. Once all of the creatures in the area have spotted you, you will see a message that the countdown for the Box has begun. You have 10 seconds to defuse the Box. If you prefer the direct approach, try running straight to the Box and defuse it immediately then begin fighting everything. If the box explodes, you cannot finish the bonus goal.

Other NPC's (orange dots on map):

  • Burlen the miner - East area
  • Tavil the ninja - West area (only there if you have the quest that requires him)
  • Trapped Miner - North area (required to find Tuga). Follow him back to the blocked area and he will destroy the rocks with dynamite.

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