FR Quest:Tunnel Inspection  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Buren in Singing Crystal Mines.
Buren says,"What are ya standin around for? Have ya come to help?

Seems there's been an accident in Deep Mines. A tunnel collapsed and we know it ain't our doin'.

According to my mate, Brock, the left tunnel is stable but the right is a mess. Can ya go inspect it? "

Before the tunnel collapsed in the Deep Mines, the miners had done a significant amount of work opening up the caves. Buren knows the left tunnel is pretty stable, but wants you to check the right tunnel.
This is a Combat quest.

Coins 24 
  • Inspect the tunnel support beams - 0/6
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The support beams are represented as green dots on your map inside the Deep Mines.

You do not have to inspect each different support beam. If you leave and reenter the dungeon, the ones you inspected before will count toward the quest again.

When you finish, Buren says, "Ah, you're back. What? Ya heard some trapped miners calling for help behind some rubble? This is no good. Never leave a good miner behind is the miners' motto."

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