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This page is a list of projects that have been started in the LotRO wiki but not finished. I tend to outline some sweeping changes, do a few examples of how it should look, then leave it for others. This has, occasionally, gotten me a few less-than-complimentary nicknames from co-workers. -Bludwyng

  • Class Guide Pages - These should be the first stop if you just started playing the class and want to know wtf is what.
    • See Warden and Rune-keeper for good starting points. If/when we get db/wiki integration these guides should be moved to the Class db page (like [[LotRO Class:Warden]]).
  • Profession Guide Pages - Same notes as the Class pages
    • See Farmer and Prospector. Crafting is the central clearing house page for Vocations and Professions. We need to move the Profession sections to the correct Profession page, then remove all that part from the Crafting page and update the links in the Vocations section.
  • Tasks - These are new and we have a lot of work to do to get them all recorded/updated/listed. The individual quests for each Tasks Bulletin Board should be listed on the appropriate zones Quest Series page, under it's location.

When a page has been started but is not really complete, either from lack of time or lack of knowledge, we put {{Stub|LotRO}} on it. See Category:LotRO Stubs for a list of these pages. Any or all of them could use some lovin'.

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