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VocationsArmsman, Armourer, Explorer, Tinker
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Lord of the Rings Online


The Prospector is a master gatherer who specializes in the accumulation of material ore. With a sturdy pick in hand, he will maneuver his way throughout Eriador in search of the richest mineral deposits that still remain in the world. Many players shall certainly prove that the Dwarves are not the only ones who are masters of mining. Copper, Mithril, Ancient Iron, these are just a few of many lodes of ore yet to be discovered behind that next mountain range for the hardy prospector.

Arguably the most common gathering profession, the prospector is quintessential to the success of Armsmen, Armorers, Explorers and Tinkerers. For in each of these vocations the use of material ore is essential to the craft of weapons, armor and the like. Any player that finds the need of ore would certainly be advised to gather at every possible moment and save whenever possible.


  1. A Love of Gold, Part One<s> (10) - unlocks Journeyman
  2. A Love of Gold, Part Two<s> (20) - unlocks Expert
  3. A Love of Gold, Part Three<s> (25) - unlocks Artisan
  4. A Love of Gold, Part Four<s> (40) - unlocks Master
  5. A Love of Gold, Part Five<s> (50) - Speak to a Master Craftsman, unlocks Supreme


For each tier there will be two types of Ore that may be mined, a Hard Metal and a Soft Metal. For each ore type there will be normal and large nodes. Large nodes will have the same drops but will yield more of the ore and a better chance at multiple Rare harvests. At a Forge you may Smelt the Ore into Ingots (2 to 1). Then you may Refine the ingots into a final product such as Bronze and Steel or various precious metals. Gems can be polished by a Jeweler and used in recipes by Armorsmiths, Weaponsmiths, Metalsmiths and, of course, Jewelers.

We have realized that any spot where you find one can respawn as any of the specific nodes of that tier. Because of this we have made a single object record for each Prospecting node tier, such as Expert Mineral Deposit. This way we can have one page that shows all the locations. Many zones will have a smattering of a particular node but when we find a zone or area with a specific node so thick you cannot swing a cat without hitting one we will note that in the following table by displaying the zone name in bold.

Prospector Harvestables by Tier
TierResource NodesNormal HarvestsRare HarvestsZones
ApprenticeApprentice Mineral Deposit Ered Luin, The Shire, Archet, Thorin's Gate, Bree-land
Journeyman Journeyman Mineral Deposit Bree-land, Lone-lands, North Downs
ExpertExpert Mineral Deposit Bree-land, Lone-lands, North Downs, Evendim
ArtisanArtisan Mineral Deposit Evendim, Misty Mountains, Trollshaws, Angmar
MasterMaster Mineral Deposit
  • Ancient Iron Deposit
  • Ancient Silver Deposit
Angmar, Misty Mountains, Forochel, Eregion
SupremeSupreme Mineral Deposit
  • Khazad-dum Copper Deposit
  • Khazad-dum Iron Deposit
  • Khazad-dum Tin Deposit
  • Khazad-dum Gold Deposit
Eregion, Moria, Mirkwood, Lothlorien

Smelting and Refining by Tier
Apprentice2 Chunks of Copper Ore<s>Copper Ingot<s>Bronze Ingot<s>
2 Chunks of Tin Ore<s>Tin Ingot<s>
Journeyman2 Chunks of Barrow-Iron Ore<s>Barrow-iron Ingot<s> +Lump of Coal<s>=Low-grade Steel Ingot<s>
2 Chunks of Silver Ore<s>Silver Ingot<s>
Expert2 Chunks of Gold OreGold Ingot<s> +Silver Ingot=White Gold Ingot
2 Chunks of Rich Iron Ore<s>Rich Iron Ingot<s> +Lump of Coal<s>=High-grade Steel Ingot<s>
Artisan2 Chunks of Dwarf-iron Ore<s>Dwarf-iron Ingot<s> +Lump of Coal<s>=Dwarf-steel Ingot<s>
+Lump of Coal<s>=Westernesse Steel Ingot<s>
2 Chunks of Platinum Ore<s>Platinum Ingot<s>
Master2 Chunks of Ancient Iron Ore<s>Ancient Iron Ingot<s> +Westernesse Steel Ingot<s>=Ancient Steel Ingot<s>
+Lump of Coal<s>=Elven-steel Ingot<s>
2 Ancient Nickel Ore<s>Ancient Nickel Ingot<s>
2 Chunks of Ancient Silver Ore<s>Ancient Silver Ingot<s>

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