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VocationsHistorian, Woodsman, Yeoman
ToolsFarming Tools<s>
StationPipe-weed Farmland, Grain Farmland or Vegetable Farmland, and Workbench
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The farmer concerns himself with the growing of different types of vegetable and pipe-weed crops on various plots of land scattered throughout the Bree-land and Shire areas. They grow the hops and berries needed for the wonderful ales and beers brewed throughout the land and provide the resources for cooks to make their culinary works of art for the hardy adventurers.

Although everyone can gather wild crops found in every zone and at every level, regardless of Class, Profession or Level, Farmer is the only one that gets the Track Crops skill, which makes finding them a little bit easier.

The first fields you will probably plant will be in Staddle. A Pipeweed Field is at Gammy Bogg's Farm, and a good Vegetable Field can be found next-door as well as a Novice Farmhand for you to buy supplies from. Leveling up is very easy here, at least through Expert, and can be done quickly.

Each recipe is in three parts. First is the sowing of seeds and reaping of harvest. Harvesting yields Fair Crops and Poor Crops. Next is the processing of fair and poor crops. Fair crop gives you finished Produce, Poor Crop gives only seeds for you to reuse. If you are lucky, Harvesting and Processing can also give a Rare for Tailors, Cooks or Scholars. There are three kinds of Crop you can grow: Pipeweed, Vegetables, and Grain. All require some number of seeds plus a Bucket of Water<s> and a Handful of Fertilizer<s> (which can be bought from appropriate Farmhands). Recipes above Expert will require better Water and Fertilizer, and better Farmland.

Once you achieve proficiency at a rank, for some recipes you will see the Mastery tab (blue) light up. This means that there are additional ingredients you can add that will improve your crop (increase Critical Success to 100%), such as Pile of Rivendell Soil. These can be purchased from Expert Farmhands.

The Field of grown crops will appear in the direction you are facing when planting is finished so you can turn during planting to avoid having the fields appear one on top of the other. This makes Harvesting easier. Do not ever plant more than four Fields at the same time, and not more than three unless you are very alert, or the first will "wither" and fade before you can harvest it. Simply right-click the field to harvest it just the same as any harvestable resource node. No other farmer can harvest your fields. It is flagged just the same as if it were a mob corpse someone else killed.

TIP: If you plant four fields at a time and turn between each so they do not overlap, you can click on all four to harvest, one after the other, and you will harvest all four, in the order clicked, with no further action!

One more thing: Farming is hard work and hard on your tools. Get the best tools you can afford, but also be sure to watch their Durability and repair them often! That said, it is also the easiest Profession to Master, as you do not have to hunt for Resource Nodes.


  1. A Love of the Land, Part One<s> (10) - unlocks Journeyman
  2. A Love of the Land, Part Two<s> (25) - unlocks Expert
  3. A Love of the Land, Part Three<s> (25) - unlocks Artisan
  4. A Love of the Land, Part Four<s> (35) - unlocks Master
  5. A Love of the Land, Part Five<s> (45) - unlocks Supreme

Mastery Items

Unlike other professions that must get rare resources from mineral or wood nodes, Farmers can simply buy their Mastery Items. Using a Mastery Item in conjunction with seed planting produces a "Well-tended" field, increasing the chance that you will get better crops and rare produce from your fields. There are only two Mastery Items: Pile of Rivendell Soil<s> (48Copper ) and Pile of Lorien Soil<s> (96Copper ).


Gifted Recipes by Tier
TierTypeSeedsProduceRare ResultsNotes
ApprenticePipeweed5 Longbottom Leaf Seeds4 Longbottom Leaf Pipe-weedSprig of Allspice
5 Southlinch Leaf Seeds<s>4 Southlinch Leaf Pipe-weed<s>
Vegetable5 Yellow Onion Seeds4 Yellow Onions
JourneymanPipeweed5 Southern Star Seeds4 Southern Star Pipe-weed
Vegetable5 Cabbage Seeds4 CabbagesSprig of Mugwort<s>
ExpertPipeweed5 Sweet Galenas Seeds4 Sweet Galenas Pipe-weed <s>
Vegetable5 Green Onion Seeds4 Green OnionsOnion Skins
Clump of Chives
ArtisanPipeweedno gifted recipe requires Superior Pipe-weed Farmland, Purified Water and Ereborian Fertilizer
Vegetable5 Strawberry Seeds4 bunches of StrawberriesJuicy Strawberryrequires Superior Vegetable Farmland, Purified Water and Ereborian Fertilizer
5 Shire Apple Seeds<s>4 Shire ApplesSprig of Parsley
MasterPipeweedno gifted recipe requires Superior Pipe-weed Farmland, Purified Water and Ereborian Fertilizer
Vegetable5 Blackberry Seeds4 bunches of BlackberriesSprig of Thyme
Juicy Blackberry
Blackberry Honey
requires Superior Vegetable Farmland, Purified Water and Ereborian Fertilizer
5 Golden Shire Tater Seeds<s>4 Golden Shire TatersSprig of Thyme
SupremePipeweed5 Fungo's Fuzzy-leaf Pipe-weed Seeds4 Fungo's Fuzzy-leaf Pipe-weed<s> requires Superior Pipe-weed Farmland, Purified Water and Ereborian Fertilizer
Vegetable5 Green Pea Seeds<s>4 Green Peas<s> requires Superior Vegetable Farmland, Purified Water and Ereborian Fertilizer
5 Mint Plant Seeds4 bundles of Mint Leaves<s>Sprig of Woolly Mint
5 Royal Tater Seeds4 Royal Taters<s>Sprig of Woolly Mint
5 Tea Plant Seeds4 Bundles of Tea Leaves<s>Fine Tea Leaf<s>
Young Tea Leaf<s>

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