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Briarwood Token
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Briarwood Elite Exploration

This is an Elite Exploration collection.

This collection is geared toward Adventurers who roam the lands.

The items in this collection can all be found in the area of Briarwood.

Find Briarwood Token and collect it to find an item from the list, below.

  • Entrance Fee
  • An A-maze-ing View
  • Derby Lookout
  • Stalking The Stalks
  • Hiding From The Scouts
  • Amidst The Spores
  • Sleepy Time
  • Battle Near The Ancients
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I've broken them up into the different sections of Briarwood.


  • Entrance Fee - This one is fairly straightforward. It is in the large tree on the outer side of the Briarwood gate. Just face the gate, look up, and you should see it. From the Briarwood Warpstone, go down the hill and turn right to get to the gateway arch. The token is in the first tree on the left, beyond that. Go around the back of the tree and climb up the trunk. The jump to the branch is a little tricky, but keep trying.

  • An A-maze-ing View - Exit the Briarwood maze on the north side, heading towards Bristlewood. At the exit of the maze, the "Play Soccer Now at the Snowhill Soccer Field!" sign will be right beside you on your right. As well, Private Grimple and Private Yorble will be right in front of you. Immediately turn left and head towards the trees and hill. Make your way through the trees and climb the hill a little way to the coin.


  • Derby Lookout - On top of a massive vine outside of Tangletrack Speedway. While facing the Speedway entrance, go right, following the wall. It won't take long to run into a massive vine. Hop on top of the clearing on the vine, and then follow the vine up. This is difficult, because your view is blocked by the branches and leaves of the vine, but it helps to zoom in as close to your character as you can.

  • Stalking the Stalks - Take the road across from the Speedway, up the hill to Lazi and his pig farm. Behind Lazi's house is a small garden with an awning over top. On top of the awning is the token. To get there, look to the left of the yard's fence and you will see a large green vine growing in an arch. Climb up the vine and get to the highest part (it's tricky). After that, jump to the top of the arbor at the entrance to the garden, then jump to the awning for the token. (Saraneth's note: I got the coin by jumping off of the top of the TV that's under the awning, while pressing X repeatedly.)(South of Briar Patch)

  • Battle Near The Ancients - Head east on the road from Arachnia's Lair until you get to the first brazier on your right. Look to the south and you'll see some Chugs fighting some spiders in the hills above you. The token is on a hill to the left of fighters. At the base of that hill is a large spiked root. Climb up the root and the hill to get to the token.

  • Sleepy Time - From the previous token, head east again and follow the road as it curves north, until you get to a Chugawug camp with 2 banners at the entrance. Turn in there, and you'll find the token inside Gorg's tent. (Easier way for this coin, teleport to Briarwood Tower Defense mini-game ( its on the main map) go to Gorg, behind him in the tent. :)


  • Hiding from Scouts - Along the rocky outcropping on the eastern wall, south of Tanglewood Fort. Climb up the little hill at the southeast end of the wall, then head northwest along the very narrow ledge. The token is at the end of that ledge.

  • Amidst The Spores - Right above the Dark Spore Depths entrance. To get there, start at the hut just outside of Trail of Betrayal. Behind the hut is a steep hill. Climbing this hill is tricky, so just keep trying. Once you've made it up the slope, you should find yourself in a river. From the far edge of the rocks that mark the top of the waterfall, you need to jump to the next hill in the direction of Dark Spore Depths. Proceed up the next slope in front of you, also very tricky to climb, and then drop down to the stone arch marking the Dark Spore Depths entrance. (Marisol's note: I found it easier to just teleport to Dark Spore Depths, turn left and climb the small hill, turn right and continue climbing until you're above/behind the yellow polka dot mushroom, then jump on top of the dungeon entrance to get the token).


Minimap location for
Minimap location for "Entrance Fee"

"Entrance Fee" token

Minimap location for
Minimap location for "An A-maze-ing View"

"An A-maze-ing View" token

Minimap location for
Minimap location for "Derby Lookout"

"Derby Lookout" token

Minimap location for
Minimap location for "Stalking the Stalks"

"Stalking the Stalks" token

Minimap location for
Minimap location for "Hiding from Scouts"

"Hiding from Scouts" token

Minimap location for
Minimap location for "Amidst the Spores"

"Amidst the Spores" token

Minimap location for
Minimap location for "Sleepy Time"

"Sleepy Time" token

Minimap location for
Minimap location for "Battle Near the Ancients"

"Battle Near the Ancients" token

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