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Trail of Betrayal

Click on the dungeon entrance to Trail of Betrayal to begin this battle.

Trolls have kicked the chugawugs out of this area! Find the instigator of this attack and defeat him!
 Difficulty:     Totals: Coins 187 Stars 488 

Primary: Defeat Brutus, the Betrayer!

Don't get knocked out 15 times!
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Note: These tips may need revision as they were written before the December 2009 combat update.

When you enter the dungeon, you immediately find the Sentry Sergeant. Talking to him unlocks the first mission of the dungeon: Secure the first tower. You'll be joined by 4 Tower Captains, whom you must escort to the towers. The Captains will fight with you against the trolls.

The towers are easy to find just by walking along the main road. After capturing the first tower, the goal to capture second tower appears automatically. Same is true for 3rd and 4th tower. Every time you capture a tower a small number of trolls spawn to attack the tower. You'll also get some reinforcements to help you fight off the trolls.

Upon capturing the 4th tower, Sergeant Brutus will appear. Goal changes to "Speak to Sergeant Brutus".

After talking to him, he will aggro you and 3 trolls will spawn to aid him. The goal changes to "Defeat Brutus, the betrayer!" This is the final goal of the dungeon.

IMPORTANT: There is a second negative to this dungeon that will cause you to fail immediately: No tower guard may be knocked out!. We took the time to read Brutus' dialogue at the end, and, while we were still in the dialogue, the three trolls spawned and killed the tower guard, causing an automatic failure. Keep the tower guards healthy the whole way through, and be prepared to defend them at the end!

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