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To Start: Speak to Doctor Callahan in Seaside.
Doctor Callahan says,"Our presence has been requested to help out in a conflict between chugawugs and trolls near Briarwood.

This is big league, and I need to send the best I have, which right now is you.

Find Private Gailug in Briarwood and do what you can to help. "

Help the chugawugs that have requested assistance with the Trail of Betrayal.
This is a Combat quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest. This quest will advance the Medic job.

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Private Gailug also gives another quest involving the Trail of Betrayal called The Troll Menace. It may be beneficial to do both together if you have not done the extra one yet.

Most of the weapon crates are near the end of this dungeon. If you are having trouble handling it, either grab a friend or do the exit/re-enter method until you have all of the required updates.

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