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While progressing through levels, abilities, and epics, each class can acquire specialized titles. To view a list of what your character has available, hit the key combination Shift + T.

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Class Titles by Level

Class Level 51 Level 55 Level 60 Level 65 Level 70 Level 75
Bard Minstrel Troubadour Virtuoso Maestro Herald Lyricist
Beastlord Primalist Animist Savage Lord Feral Lord Wildblood Frostblood
Berserker Brawler Vehement Rager Fury Ravager Juggernaut
Cleric Vicar Templar High Priest Archon Prelate Exemplar
Druid Wanderer Preserver Hierophant Storm Warden Natureguard Storm Caller
Enchanter Illusionist Beguiler Phantasmist Coercer Bedazzler Entrancer
Magician Elementalist Conjurer Arch Mage Arch Convoker Arch Magus Grand Summoner
Monk Disciple Master Grandmaster Transcendent Stone Fist Ashenhand
Necromancer Heretic Defiler Warlock Arch Lich Wraith Deathcaller
Paladin Cavalier Knight Crusader Lord Protector Saint Holy Defender
Ranger Pathfinder Outrider Warder Forest Stalker Plainswalker Huntmaster
Rogue Rake Blackguard Assassin Deceiver Nemesis Shadowblade
Shadow Knight Reaver Revenant Grave Lord Dread Lord Scourge Knight Bloodreaver
Shaman Mystic Luminary Oracle Prophet Soothsayer Spiritwatcher
Warrior Champion Myrmidon Warlord Overlord Vanquisher Imperator
Wizard Channeler Evoker Sorcerer Archanist Grand Archanist Pyromancer

Class Titles by AA Points

Class Level 51 & 6 Points in General Level 55 & 12 Points in Archtype Level 59 & 24 Points in Class
Bard Baron / Baroness Veteran Impresario / Muse
Beastlord Baron / Baroness Venerable Elder
Berserker Baron / Baroness Veteran Savage
Cleric Baron / Baroness Venerable Exarch
Druid Baron / Baroness Venerable Elder
Enchanter Baron / Baroness Master / Mistress Sage
Magician Baron / Baroness Master / Mistress Sage
Monk Baron / Baroness Brother / Sister Sensei
Necromancer Baron / Baroness Sage Lich
Paladin Baron / Baroness Sir / Lady Duke / Duchess
Ranger Baron / Baroness Veteran Hunter / Huntress
Rogue Baron / Baroness Veteran Marauder
Shadow Knight Baron / Baroness Sir / Lady Duke / Duchess
Shaman Baron / Baroness Venerable Elder
Warrior Baron / Baroness Veteran Marshall
Wizard Baron / Baroness Master / Mistress Sage

Class Titles by Epic

Class Epic 1.0 Title Epic 1.5 Title Epic 2.0 Title
Bard Composer Wyrmkin Blade Dancer
Beastlord Feralkin Wildcaller Savage Spirit
Berserker Agressor Axe Master Rageheart
Cleric Curate Priest / Priestess High Priest / Priestess
Druid Naturewalker Forest Scion Earthkeeper
Enchanter Mindbender Coercer Enigma
Magician Thaumaterge Master Elementalist Primal Elementalist
Monk Apostle Enlightened Ascendant
Necromancer Dark Apprentice Deathspeaker Grand Occultist
Paladin Lightbringer Redeemer Valiant
Ranger Windcaller Earthguard Farwarden
Rogue Swashbuckler Infiltrator Nightblade
Shadow Knight Pain Lord Archfiend Darkreaper
Shaman Heyokah Fateseer Spiritwalker
Warrior Champion Conquerer Decimator
Wizard Catalyst Scholar Planeshifter

Titles by Tradeskills

Prefix Obtained By
Alliance Artisan Coldain Shawl 3.0 Pre Quest
Apprentice Artisan 100 in 7 tradeskills
Expert Artisan 250 in 7 tradeskills
Journeyman Artisan 200 in 7 tradeskills
Master Artisan 300 in 7 tradeskills
Grandmaster Artisan 350 in 7 tradeskills
Apprentice Alchemist 100 skill in Alchemy
Journeyman Alchemist 200 skill in Alchemy
Expert Alchemist 250 skill in Alchemy
Master Alchemist 300 skill in Alchemy
Grandmaster Alchemist 350 skill in Alchemy
Apprentice Chef 100 skill in Baking
Journeyman Chef 200 skill in Baking
Expert Chef 250 skill in Baking
Master Chef 300 skill in Baking
Grandmaster Chef 350 skill in Baking
Apprentice Smith 100 skill in Blacksmithing
Journeyman Smith 200 skill in Blacksmithing
Expert Smith 250 skill in Blacksmithing
Master Smith 300 skill in Blacksmithing
Grandmaster Smith 350 skill in Blacksmithing
Apprentice Brewer 100 skill in Brewing
Journeyman Brewer 200 skill in Brewing
Expert Brewer 250 skill in Brewing
Master Brewer 300 skill in Brewing
Grandmaster Brewer 350 skill in Brewing
Apprentice Fisherman 100 skill in Fishing
Journeyman Fisherman 200 skill in Fishing
Expert Fisherman 250 skill in Fishing
Apprentice Fletcher 100 skill in Fletching
Journeyman Fletcher 200 skill in Fletching
Expert Fletcher 250 skill in Fletching
Master Fletcher 300 skill in Fletching
Grandmaster Fletcher 350 skill in Fletching
Apprentice Jeweler 100 skill in Jewelcraft
Journeyman Jeweler 200 skill in Jewelcraft
Expert Jeweler 250 skill in Jewelcraft
Master Jeweler 300 skill in Jewelcraft
Grandmaster Jeweler 350 skill in Jewelcraft
Apprentice Poisoncrafter 100 skill in Poison Making
Journeyman Poisoncrafter 200 skill in Poison Making
Expert Poisoncrafter 250 skill in Poison Making
Master Poisoncrafter 300 skill in Poison Making
Grandmaster Poisoncrafter 350 skill in Poison Making
Apprentice Potter 100 skill in Pottery
Journeyman Potter 200 skill in Pottery
Expert Potter 250 skill in Pottery
Master Potter 300 skill in Pottery
Grandmaster Potter 350 skill in Pottery
Apprentice Researcher 100 skill in Spell Research
Journeyman Researcher 200 skill in Spell Research
Expert Researcher 250 skill in Spell Research
Master Researcher 300 skill in Spell Research
Grandmaster Researcher 350 skill in Spell Research
Apprentice Tailor 100 skill in Tailoring
Journeyman Tailor 200 skill in Tailoring
Expert Tailor 250 skill in Tailoring
Master Tailor 300 skill in Tailoring
Grandmaster Tailor 350 skill in Tailoring
Apprentice Tinkerer 100 skill in Tinkering
Journeyman Tinkerer 200 skill in Tinkering
Expert Tinkerer 250 skill in Tinkering
Master Tinkerer 300 skill in Tinkering
Grandmaster Tinkerer 350 skill in Tinkering

Class Titles by DoN Progression

This is for completing the achievement Choosing Sides.

Class Suffix Title
Bard ?
Beastlord ?
Berserker ?
Cleric ?
Druid ?
Enchanter ?
Magician ?
Monk ?
Necromancer ?
Paladin ?
Ranger ?
Rogue the Devious
Shadow Knight ?
Shaman ?
Warrior ?
Wizard ?

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