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The Broken Mirror is EverQuest's 22nd expansion. It was launched on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Content & Features

  • Level Scaling Raids - Instanced versions of Plane of Hate and Plane of Fear that scale for level 75-105 raids.
  • 7 Expansion Zones - 4 completely new zones and 3 revamped zones.
  • Illusion Key Ring - Access your illusions in one easy location!
  • New Quests, Heroic Adventures, Missions, and Additional Raids
  • New Spells and AAs

What's Going On


Check out this link for a list of zones in The Broken Mirror expansion. A screenshot of the in-game map of zone connections can be found here.

Getting There

  • The entry zone here is the Plane of Health.
  • Entered through the Plane of Tranquility by touching a floating octahedron between the buildings on the center of the island, path available via the Find command.

  • If you bought/buy the Collector's Edition of the expansion, you can claim an item Contract of the Chosen mercenary.
  • If you bought/buy the Premium Edition of the expansion, you can claim an item Shroud of Relife illusion


Progression through The Broken Mirror is strictly linear(?) with a storyline that spans (?) quests through all ____? zones. Tiers X & Y zones are unlocked as you make your way through the expansion storyline?

Main Progression Article: Progression Through The Broken Mirror Progression Overview: TBM Progression Questing

Heroic Adventures

There are heroic adventures in this expansion:


Main raiding article: Raiding in The Broken Mirror.

Named Mobs

See the ___? links here for map locations of named mobs in The Broken Mirror:


In the group game, there are 2 Tiers of armor.

In the raid game, there are ___? Tiers.

Main armor article: The Broken Mirror Guide

For the new set of Type ___? augmentations, see ___?

There is also new Mercenary gear ____? available, bought from a merchant(?) ____?


All AAs can be freely(?) trained. There are no locked AAs?


Spell range for this expansion is still level 100 to level 105. There are two types of Spell lines in The Broken Mirror.

Dichotomic spells

How you get them
You can buy your Dichotomic spells from Warlowe Rida in the Plane of Tranquility. She is located in a room next to the portal to Plane of Nightmare.

Progressive spells use special mechanics that put 'hidden' spells on your character at level 250, and it's those spells that get triggered when you use the base ability.
A script on the base spell item gives you these hidden spells as well as the base spell. If you just get them from /spellscribe, the hidden spells won't get applied and the base spell won't have anything to trigger.

The base spell autocasts a second spell that scales up based on your The Broken Mirror Progression. Each class also gets a 6 Rank spell line. Example is this Dichotomic Fire is for the Wizard class and will cast Dichotomic Fire 1

Note that the secondary spells are level 250 which mean that certain mods will not work on them, notably worn focus, spell focus (bard/kerafyrm familiar), the new vortex effect, and a couple others that have level caps on them.

The base spell has 1 point of damage on it so that it can be focused by spell haste, twincast, and a few other things. The extra damage you see is from passive AAs, spell damage, focus, etc which make that 1 point go to 1k.

How you make them better
The spells are tied to your progression through the expansion. You'll be able to cast at least the first rank just for buying it, but getting the best rank will require raiding.
Each rank of these spells is tied to an achievement, and earning that achievement will grant you an item to use to upgrade your spells.
You need to click the rewards from the following achievements:

When you get what
Rank 1 - No requirements, just buy it

Bards Dichotomic Psalm
Beastlords Dichotomic Fury
Berserkers Dichotomic Rage
Clerics Undying Life
Druids Dichotomic Winds
Enchanters Dichotomic Reinforcement
Magicians Dichotomic Companion
Monks Dichotomic Form
Necromancers Dichotomic Paroxysm
Paladins Dichotomic Force
Rangers Dichotomic Fusillade
Rogues Dichotomic Weapons
Shadow Knights Dichotomic Fang
Shamans Roar of the Lion
Warriors Dichotomic Shield
Wizards Dichotomic Fire

Rank 2 - Complete Champion of Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life (Group)

Rank 3 - Complete Champion of Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay (Group)

Rank 4 - Complete Champion of the Plane of Health (Raid)

Rank 5 - Complete Champion of the Crypt of Decay (Raid)

Rank 6 - Complete Mirrorbreaker (Raid)

Illusion Spells can be mob dropped.
Enchanter only
Illusion: Glare Lord

There is currently NO teleportation spells to The Broken Mirror Zones instead the access to zone to the Plane of Health was sold as a feature of the Collectors edition and Premium Edition as the reward Touchstone of Health.
Also in these editions, there is a Real Estate item that ports the individual through a right click menu to Plane of Health. It is called the Cynosure of Health.

Coming soon...

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