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The Broken Mirror Collections

Collection items are found throughout every new zone in The Broken Mirror . The items each fit into unique sets, and provide additional insight into the lore and stories of EverQuest: The Broken Mirror . With sets in each zone, and eight to ten items making up a complete set, there are tons of items to collect.

There are two ways to gather these collections. Some of the items are found through drops. Others are placed out in the open in the zone and “sparkle” in order to grab the adventurer’s attention and promote exploration. The items and collections are themed to each area.

While you might enjoy collecting these items just for the achievements they unlock, you’ll also enjoy the rewards for completing each of the various collections. Some collections also come attached with items and titles!

Once you’re done with your own collection, or if you just find yourself in need of a little plat, many of these collection items are tradable. There’s likely to be a thriving market for the rarer pieces, so price yours accordingly!

The Broken Mirror

Collection achievements which are overviews of all other achievements:

Achievement: Master Scavenger of The Darkened Sea
-Improvement to AA "Trophy Collector" (grants access to one additional trophy per rank)

Achievement: See the Broken Mirror
Achievement: The Broken Mirror Darkly

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Plane of Health

Collection achievements with items located in Plane of Health:

Achievement: Relics of Health

Achievement: Grails
Achievement: Shards of Life
Achievement: Ruins of Decay
Achievement: Bright Baubles

Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life

Collection achievements with items located in Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life:

Achievement: Reborn of Faith

Achievement: Unliving Relics
Achievement: Texts of Eternity
Achievement: Deadman's Band
Achievement: Deadman's Dinner

Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay

Collection achievements with items located in Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay:

Achievement: Reborn into Faith

Achievement: Night Crawlers
Achievement: Markers of Death
Achievement: Medal from the Living
Achievement: Fallen Footwear

Crypt of Decay

Collection achievements with items located in Crypt of Decay:

Achievement: Relics of Decay

Achievement: Gathering of Slime
Achievement: Knives of Sacrifice
Achievement: Putrid Poisons
Achievement: Rotting Remnants

Crypt of Sul

Collection achievements with items located in Crypt of Sul:

Achievement: Relics of Sul

Achievement: Dregs of Decay
Achievement: Idols of Rot
Achievement: An Ounce of Fetid Flesh
Achievement: Raiments of Rot


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