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Half-Elves are the result of the mixing of the human and of any of the Elven races. As a result of being caught between two worlds, they have little culture of their own. Half-Elves tend to mature much slower than their Human family; as humans have much shorter lives than Elves and have a tendancy to work much quicker moving through life. Due to this compelling need to move forward, Half-Elves tend to mature much quicker than their Elven parents.

The Koada'Dal and Teir'Dal look upon the Half-Elves with disdain, for they are not Elves of pure blood. Their Feir'Dal cousins in Kelethin are much more accepting, and welcome the Half-Elves as citizens into their city. The humans simply don't care either way, and don't mind if these hybrid Elves live in their cities of Freeport, Qeynos, or Surefall Glade. This gives the young Half-Elf the largest selection of starting cities, depending on class and diety.

Half-Elves may become bards, druids, paladins, rangers, rogues, or warriors. Their mixed parantage makes them a race able to wear medium armor.


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