Western Mirkwood (LotRO Quest Series)  

Western Mirkwood
Quest Series
Starting ZoneMirkwood
Rec. Levels60 to 65
Previous Lothlorien
Next Enedwaith
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Small Fellowship
LotRO: Mines of Moria
Expansion Required
Lord of the Rings Online
Quest Series

Mirkwood is large enough that we cannot contain the entire Quest Series on a single page without running into a hard limitation of our wiki compiler.
  • Western Mirkwood - The Mirk-eaves - both the introductory instance and after
  • Mirkwood - everything else except Mirk-eaves and Dol Guldur
  • Dungeons of Dol Guldur - The Dol Guldur quests based from Helethir (all Small Fellowship, Fellowship or Raid)
For a complete listing of all Faction Rewards for Mirkwood, including where to buy, what they sell, and what they want, see Malledhrim.

A note about Quest Series Names in Mirkwood: With Mirkwood the devs seem to have finally got the memo about using the Series Names (a.k.a. Quest Arc names). Not all quests have them, of course, and the unnamed groups of quests at a location will be listed under the name(s) of the NPC(s) that give them, with the named series below that, all under the location where they start.


When you first arrive in Mirkwood you are in a shared instance of Southern Mirkwood, also known as the Mirk-eaves. You cannot get help from anyone that has already moved beyond the instance. Once you complete the Hilltop Assault<s> (the final quest in the Mirkwood Landing series) you will be in the full Mirkwood.

Echad Sirion - Foreword

  • Boat-keeper
  • Mailbox
  • Merchant (w/Repair)



Aid the Fallen


  1. Expedition: Seeing to the Fallen<s> (61) - Collect 5 bandages
  2. Expedition: Lost in the Fray<s> (61) - Rescue 3 soldiers
  3. Expedition: A Daring Rescue<s> (61) - Rescue a captured soldier

Epic - Vol. II, Book 9: Fortress of the Nazgûl


  1. Foreword: Leaderless, They Fall<s> (61) - Defeat 2 Taughâsh War-leaders
  2. Foreword: Engines of War<s> (61) - Destroy 3 Orc-catapults and 3 Orc-balistae

Mirkwood Landing

The following five quests are, apparently, the required quests to move forward. The two above seem to be optional.

  1. Foreword: Out of Supply<s> (61) - Destroy 8 supply-crates
  2. Foreword: Assault the Gates<s> (61) - Take the gate of one of the Orc fortifications
  3. Foreword: Hilltop Assault<s> (61 Solo)

Echad Sirion (post-instance)

  • Barter: Malledhrim Neutral
  • Boat-keeper
  • Mailbox
  • Merchant (w/Repair)
  • Milestone
  • Stable Master
Things are a little different, now. The gate to deeper Mirkwood stands open, Fuirgam has moved to a new camp, and the Orcs have repaired the eastern bridge to the south.




  1. Patrolling the Beach<s> (61) - Collect 3 tokens of Dol Guldur from goblin-scouts
  2. Enemy upon the Threshold<s> (61) - Talk to Glamodúd at Echad Glamodúd and Aemeldir at Echad Sirion

Aemeldir<s>Tethafnel<s> - unlocked when you complete Patrolling the Beach.

  1. Lay of the Land<s> (61) - Scout the south and east gates of Durbûrz-stazg
  2. Engaging the Enemy<s> (61) - Defeat 15 servants of the Enemy at Durbûrz-stazg
  3. A Spear in the Heart<s> (61) - Defeat Ulkûrzlan at Durbûrz-stazg
  4. Trolling the Hills<s> (61) - Defeat Skûm at Durbûrz-stazg

Echad Glamodúd


  1. Burning Dinner<s> (61) - Burn 6 barrels of Warg-food

Breaking the Pincer


  1. Springing of the Traps<s> (61) - Disarm 10 Orc-traps
  2. More...
  3. The Enemy is upon Us!<s> (61) - Talk to Dannaswen atop Amon Angened

Jaws of the Enemy


Amon Angened

  1. In the Wake of the Golden Host<s> (61) - Patrol the road to Gostannon
  2. Seeking Signs<s> (61) - Find signs of the Malledhrim's passing at Gostannon
  3. Gostannon
    1. The Glory of the Malledhrim<s> (61) - Plant the banner of the Malledhrim at Gostannon and defend it (timed defense)
    2. The Enemy in the East<s> (61) - Talk to Mothelen at Echad Mothelen



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