FR Quest:Chapter 1: Failure is Not an Option  

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To Start: Speak to Geoffrey in Royal Palace.
Geoffrey says,"Listen to me very closely. You will get back what this "Darkthorne" has taken, using any means necessary.

Failure is not an option, do you understand?

Now get out of my sight before I decide you might not be worth a second chance... "

Geoffrey was very upset, and insisted that you get the contents of the box back, by whatever means were necessary.
This is an Errand quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest. This quest will advance the Adventurer job.

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When you speak to him, Captain Chugug tells you, "Darkthorne said that you would return. She wanted me to send you to her when you arrived. She does not often entertain visitors. I'm not sure if you should be honored or afraid! Anyway, go on inside."

Briarheart Palace has essentially the exact same layout as the Royal Palace in Sanctuary, just a very different color scheme. Walk up to the throne to speak to Darkthorne, who has quite a bit to say:

"Don't do anything sudden. There have been attempts on my life in the past, so I can get a little jumpy. I've been told how helpful you've been, and I thank you for that.

My scouts have informed me that Val...I mean, Queen Valerian...has fallen ill, so time is running short. Let's cut to the chase.

You seem to have the makings of a hero about you, but the difference between "hero" and "villain" dances on the edge of a razor.

I have grappled with my own darkness enough to know that for a fact. I can only hope I haven't misjudged what lies in your heart... Can I trust you?"

You can choose to answer "Yes!" or "No, not right now." Answering in the affirmative will start the next quest for you.

When you finish the conversation, Guard Reli will now offer a quest as well: Royally Thirsty Mushrooms.

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