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Briarheart Palace
Briarheart Palace
Sacred Grove / Briarheart Palace


Darkthorne's palace.

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Almost a replica of the Royal Palace, this looks more brooding and sinister. Did this majestic tree also sprout from a heartseed? And who is this "Darkthorne" that rules from within?[1]

You can view a video, of the interior, at YouTube.

Quest Series

Only quests that deal with Briarheart Palace are in this series.

Palace Duties

  1. Royally Thirsty Mushrooms given by Guard Reli
  2. Briarheart Palace Procedures given by Guard Reli
  3. High Class Vitamins given by Sorrowspine
  4. Sorrowspine's Secret given by Sorrowspine
  5. Slimy Hopping Friends given by Sorrowspine
  6. Sorrowspine's Hope given by Sorrowspine

  1. ^ Text on the entrance window seen when entering Briarheart Palace.

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