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A collection of exciting places to visit and truly see what goes on around Sanctuary.

This is an Exploration collection.

Adventurer Experience

The items in this collection can all be found in the area of Sanctuary.

Visit the following locations:
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  • Royal Guard Barracks - on the palace side of Pixiewood Hills, the barracks are on the first island to the west. You can either swim their or follow the path west to the post office and then south to the barracks.
  • The Heartseed, go to the very bottom of the Memorial Caverns and go to the top floor of the underground museum rooms.( I had to go to the last room, inside Number VIII (8), to get the heartseed location.)
  • Sanctuary Post Office - A little north of the Royal Guard Barracks, on the next island.
  • Sanctuary Town Hall - is the tall house (with a large clock face) located directly to the east of the Sanctuary Palace tree.
  • Ayani's Pride Hospital - The hospital is directly across from the Royal Guard Barracks on the first island to the east when entering the palace side.
  • Jacque's Cafe - at the east end of Pixiewood Hills.

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