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A collection of places to visit around Queensfields.

This is an Exploration collection.

Update for Wilds Explorer

The items in this collection can all be found in the area of Queensfields.

Visit the following locations:
  • Sanctuary Pet Adoption Center
  • Greyli's Mansion
  • Seafoam's Mansion
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  • Sanctuary Pet Adoption Center - on the main road, head north as far as possible before crossing the bridge into Sanctuary and turn west on a stone path. The building is easy to find due to the animal pen outside.
  • Greyli's Mansion - follow the shoreline outside of the Sanctuary moat west, passing the animal center, then another large house and then arriving at Greyli's Mansion. Walk up to the front door.
  • Seafoam's Mansion - Head east from the Sanctuary Warpstone until you come upon a small pond, the mansion is on the eastern side of the pond. Walk up to the front door.

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