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Forest Troll Village
Visit the Forest Trolls and see what's going on around the village.

This is an Exploration collection.

Update for Wilds Explorer

The items in this collection can all be found in the area of Forest Troll Village.

Visit the following locations:
  • The Mystic Circle
  • Burgl's Quarry
  • Wuga's Well
  • Grosh's Hideaway
  • Forest Troll Camp
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  • The Mystic Circle - south-west of the camp is a ring of dead trees, the circle. Within is Voggun.
  • Burgl's Quarry - Head south-east of the Forest Troll camp and stick to the mountainside.
  • Wuga's Well - On the south side of the village, just south of Broogle (potion seller).
  • Grosh's Hideaway - This is the first camp you find when walking north from Lakeside.
  • Forest Troll Camp - Head directly north-east. Between two mountains is the camp.

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