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Bestiary Unlocks in Avelorn
With the help of our Guide to Bestiary Unlocks I decided to put together a party and run all the unlocks for a zone. Since I had been questing in Avelorn and knew where most of the Champions were, I picked it for the first party. Here is the order we did them in.

Our first try at this was such a success that we (our guild, Lords of WAR) have decided that officers or their proxies will run a few of these each week to help our members get all the unlocks.

The table, below, shows the unlocks in the order we ran them, and the Index numbers relate to the map, at right. You can click on the icon below the map to view it 1k by 1k.

We started at Gaen Mere, the High Elf Warcamp in the south of the zone, because everyone can fly to there.

There may be more unlocks in this zone, especially on the DE side, but this is all we know about at this time. If more become known, this page will, of course, get updated to include them.

For other installments in this series, see Category:WAR Tome Unlock Parties.

1Title: The Bone BreakerBrulgulrach the Unliving
25 Champion Bone Giant
KillAt the Necromancer camp east of the High Elf road just before Saphery
2Title: The Vale-Walker
28 Dryad
TalkNear the fork in the road south of Whisperwood
3Quest: Loop Back
Pocket: Moldy Coin Purse
26 Zombie
KillRoams the area from the HE road west to the dropoff to the DE side of the zone
4Quest: Chip off the Old ...Oldbark
24 Dryad
KillRoams the hills in the center of the zone map, west of the drop-off into DE country
5Quest: Final Rest... Again
Title: Champion of Morr
Tarnolious the Lost
1 Hero Liche
KillGo straight south from Oldbark, along the base of the drop-off, to the inlet. He is behind a rock on the edge of the water. This guy truly must be lost, as he is level 1 in a Tier 3 zone!
6Quest: Dispense Justice
Bestial Tactic Fragment
25 Champion Chaos Troll
KillIn DE country, on the east side of the main DE road, just north of the RvR Lake.
7Quest: Bossy Beastie
Cloak: Pelt of the Dark Young
Khurraak Might-Horns
26 Bestigor
KillSpawns at a Beastman camp at the edge of the drop-off to DE country, then runs (with a friend) to Whisperwood where he attacks the Elves.
8Quest: Pack of Three
Daemonic Tactic Fragment
23 Champion Blue Horror
KillOn the mountainside above 2 spiders on the north bank of the river where the waterfall descends the Eastern mountain range.
9Quest: More Filth for Me!
Pocket: Regurgitated Trinket
21 Champion Nurgling
KillOn a hilltop on the south side of the first Raven camp south from Fernwood
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