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Remember that the wiki does not care about case when referring to a page or template name, so although the following shows the names properly cased the wiki does not care if you use proper case, all lower case, or even all upper case when calling a template!

  • WAR - {{war}} places the WAR gametag on the page. Should be used on the very bottom of ALL wiki pages that are in the Warhammer Online game wikibase and are not either a DB page or already categorized by another template.

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Infobox Templates

These templates display a right-floated information box. Generally, they do not have an associated auto-include template.

  • WAR Army - Displays infobox on all (WAR Army) pages
  • WAR Race - Displays infobox on all (WAR Race) pages
  • WAR POI - Displays infobox on all WAR POI: pages
  • WAR Object - Displays infobox on all WAR Object: pages
  • WAR Title - Displays infobox on all (WAR Title) pages

Career Templates

  • WAR Career - Core Template for displaying pages in the WAR Career: namespace.

Quest Templates

  • WAR Quest - Core Template for displaying pages in the WAR Quest: namespace.
  • wqbullet - Displays in-line icon for the green bullet.
  • wticon - Displays WAR Title icon with the Title, linked, to the right.

Mob Templates

  • WAR Mob - Core Template for displaying pages in the WAR Mob: namespace.
  • WAR NPCSay - Use this to display what an NPC says when you talk to him and the list of quests he offers.
  • WAR Bestiary - Drives the entire page for category pages with the (WAR Bestiary) suffix. See Category:Bestiary for list of pages.

Item Templates

  • WAR Item - Core Template for displaying pages in the WAR Item: namespace.
  • WARItem - link template used on other pages to link to a WAR Item: page. Options make it possible to display the icon for the item, linked to the WAR Item page (this is used in WAR Quest to display the quest rewards!)

Ability Templates

  • WAR Ability - Core Template for displaying pages in the WAR Ability: namespace.

Auto-Include Templates

The following Templates are auto-included before and after whatever is on the Wiki page for any page that is in a recognized namespace. There is nothing here that users can change or use, but they are included here for completeness.

Miscellaneous Templates

  • Realms of War - Displays the big table with the good and bad guys. See also Realms of Order and Realms of Destruction. The name of these templates is not gonna change despite the move from Faction/Realm/Army to Realm/Army/Regiment.
  • WAR Coin - inline display of coin values or, alternatively, coin icons with numeric values.
  • WAR RFL - Removed From Launch. Displays a little info about how some cities and careers were removed from the launch features, but may return in a later patch/expansion.
  • WARArmyIcon - Displays the tiny in-line Army icon. Can also display all three armies for a realm.


These templates are called by other templates to do specific jobs. There is probably very little chance that you will ever need to call one of them directly.

  • WAR Class - used by several templates to set the css class to "destruction", "order" or "neutral" depending on realm, army or career.


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