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This list was compiled as a joint effort between Shrewd and the Warhammer Alliance community. The original thread can be found here. It is reproduced and edited here with the author's permission.

Updated as of: 2/2/2009

Unlock Basics

What is a Bestiary Unlock? If you open your Tome of Knowledge and select the Bestiary tab, you'll see a list of all the bestiary categories. If you select a category and then select a specific mob type you will open the bestiary page for that mob. This page has a picture, small description, and a list of all the unlocks available for that mob. As you unlock them, more entries will appear on the list (for a complete list, you can check out the Allakhazam Bestiary pages!). Many of the entries are pretty self explanatory. It doesn't take a guide to know what you need to do for an entry titled 'Kill 25 Bears'.

Sometimes, however, the entries are a bit more complicated. These are called 'Tome Quests' and are usually what people are talking about when they discuss 'Bestiary Unlocks'. Under Bear, for example, the first Tome Quest is titled 'At Least They'll Stay Cool'. If you mouse over it, the text 'Shadowlands: Gather a specific type of item' appears. You can also see under the rewards column that this unlock grants a title, but cannot see which title it is. If you look at the Tier 2 section of this guide, under the Shadowlands section, you can see the actual requirements for the unlock. You're looking for Bear Pelts off of the Darkclaw Bears/Maulers.

One of the best ways to use this guide is to open it up each time you go into a new zone for the first time. Check out the coordinates for each unlock. That way as you quest your way through the zone, you can snap up any unlocks near you! Also, you can check out our Unlock Party page for maps that list all of the unlocks in a zone.


This guide is a living document. It will be updated with new entries as they are discovered. Feel free to edit it with new information that you may find. If you don't feel comfortable editing Wiki pages, please contact the WAR CM Team as we'd be happy to assist you.

If you locate any inaccurate information, please let us know so we can correct it. If you find links to mobs or items that don't work, you can help us make our database better! By using WAReader and targeting and/or interacting with the missing items, it will get added to our database. WAReader makes Allakhazam better, so please try it out!

As more information is gathered and the database is filled, this guide will be updated to include wiki-links to the rewards, mobs, items, and objects that are part of the unlock-process. This allows easy access to making your dream of collecting every unlock a reality.

For any unlock hunters on open RvR servers, try and get all the unlocks from a zone before you out-level it. The reason is because on open RvR you are flagged for RvR everywhere if you are too high for a zone you will get turned into a chicken as soon as you zone and if the unlock requires you to kill something then your out of luck.

How do I get my stuff?

Tome Tactics: When there is a pentagon with a sword next to an entry, it's a tome tactic fragment. Different categories will require different numbers of fragments per tactic. For example, the first Greenskin tactic is awarded after 2 unlocks, but the first Bestial tactic is not awarded after 2 (in fact it takes 10 to unlock the Bestial tactic). If you mouse-over the pentagon symbol, a box will pop up telling you how many fragments you have, and how many you need for the next tome tactic.

Pocket Items: Once a pocket item is unlocked, you may acquire said item from one of the Librarians in your capital city. One may acquire as many duplicates of the same item as they desire. Some pocket items have on-use effects that can be triggered by equipping the item and then dragging it onto your hotbar.

Bestial Tokens: Once a bestial token is earned, go to the Librarian in your capital city. Notice that there are several Librarians to choose from. Find the one who sells trophies and exchange your token for ANY ONE of them. NOTE: Bestial Tokens are NOT for anything specific. There is no Tome entry telling you to go buy something. You can buy any of the tome trophies with a token, and each token can only buy a trophy once. Bestial tokens are basically money for trophies. Check on how many token you have by entering your inventory and looking at the Quest Items.

Kill Collectors: Kill Collector quests are capable of being maxed out if you repeat them enough. If you turn in your Kill Collector quest, and you see the text 'You have received an influence reward' appear on your screen, that collector is maxed. Once maxed out a player may (but not always) receive a reward in the form of items or Tactic Unlocks. It should be noted that not every Kill Collector will give an unlock for being maxed out.

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