Ostland Tome Unlock Party  

Bestiary Unlocks in Ostland
With the help of our Guide to Bestiary Unlocks I decided to put together a party and run all the unlocks for a zone. Thus was born the Tome Unlock Party...

For other installments in this series, see Category:WAR Tome Unlock Parties.

This one is presented from the starting point of Kraussner's Garrison in the northeast corner of the zone, as it is the closest to the Empire flightmaster in Troll Country and we are an Order guild.

1Quest: Wanted!
Man Tactic Fragment
Lodwig Falkenheim
17 Champion Bandit
KillFollow the main road south till it turns west and a north-south trail crosses it (before the bridge!) and follow the trail south. At the point where the trail turns west you will see the northern headwaters of a river to your left with a Shadow Bandit. Kill him (repeatedly) to spawn Lodwig.
2Quest: Wash Your Hands
Chaos Tactic Fragment
Plague Feaster
19 Champion Plague Victim
KillContinue southwest to the next river and follow the banks. On your left, a short distance away at the edge of the trees, find and examine a Basket of Fish to spawn the Plague Feaster.
3 & 4Quest: Time is of the Essence
Pocket: Grave Dust
Hilde Behn
Spirit Host
TalkExamine the Corpse of Jekil Behn (at 3) to get Jekil's Wedding Band. Click Hilda Behn's Grave (at 4) to spawn Hilde Behn. This step must be done at night! Speak with her for unlock.
5Quest: The Colors of Horror
Title: Aethyr Guard
Purple Horror
20 Horror of Tzeentch
KillAt the northwest end of the Wolfenburg PQ there is a ruined courtyard filled with Pink and Blue Horrors. If you are lucky, the Purple Horror will be up when you arrive. If you are slightly less lucky he will spawn after you clear the courtyard of all Horrors. If you are SOL this bastage will never spawn. Spend a little time here and move on...
6Quest: Things with Wings...Heartraker
17 Champion Giant Bat
KillThis mob wanders the zone but stops at the 3 locations marked on the map, so go from one to the next until you find him.
7Quest: Thin the Herd
Chaos Tactic Fragment
Gashthorn Gor, Gashthorn Ungor and Gasthorn BrayKillKill more than 50 of these and then talk to (O) Droki Greybeard in Bohsenfels, or (D) Gottfried Holz in Felde.
8Title: The RawWitch Hunter CorpseExamineEast of the Black Mire Bell Tower, on the south side of the river, is a camp of Gashthorn Beastmen. On the north side of the camp, by the river, find a Witch Hunter Corpse and click it for the title.
9 & 10Quest: When There's a Will
Undead Tactic Fragment
Boneshard Minions
14 Skeleton
KillTravel northeast of Bohsenfels to the river and follow the south bank to the west. Across the bridge will be Beastmen, but you can slip between them down the road to the Gerstmann Crypt. Enter and kill Boneshard Minions until you get a Faded Scroll (BoP). Examine it for the unlock. Skeletal Gebauers, which are found at #10 on the map, can also drop the Faded Scroll
11Quest: Death in Green and Brown
Cloak: Shawl of Spring
Sheen Gloomleaf
12 Dryad
KillDue west of the Gerstmann Crypt, and along the road north of Ferlangen, is a small lake. On the north shore of that lake, against the rise, find and kill Sheen Gloomleaf.
12Quest: Who's Up for Seconds
Pocket: A Troll's Pet Kitty
Heathgut Trolls
14 Troll
KillAt any of 3 locations in the RvR Lake, find and kill Heathgut Trolls until you get Troll's Dinner. Examine it for the unlock. NOTE:This item can also be found on Mudbelly Trolls in The Badlands.
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