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Bat, Giant
Bat, Giant
"Ye wanna know what the secret to winnin' this war'll be, lad? I'll tell ye. It's bats! That's right, bloody great bats! No, I'm not daft! Hear me out before ye go runnin' off. Ye might just learn somethin'."

"Do ye know how to make black powder? Nor do I, but I do know that ye need lots of bat droppin's to make it. If ye're brave enough to go scuttlin' around in a cave full of giant bats, ye can make yerself quite a windfall off their spoor. Pound fer pound, the stuff is more valuable than gold to an Alchemist! Wait! Where are ye going?"

- Snippet of conversation overheard in a pub in Nuln


Unlike its smaller cousins, the Giant Bat is not strictly nocturnal. Reports of the beasts carrying off prey in the midday sun are commonplace.


Scholars have long debated whether the prodigious size of the Giant Bat is due to the warping effects of Chaos, or some other insidious force. To this day, the cause of the species' unnatural growth is unknown.

Achievement Rewards
Encounter a Giant Bat
Be defeated by a Giant Bat
Kill 25 Giant Bats
Tome Quest: For Once It Isn't Guano
Troll Country Deliver components to someone in need
Kill bats until you get a Bat Wing. (O) Give it to Brenard the Alchemist at Felde Castle, or (D) give it to Voxanna the Transmuter at Felde.
Echo Hunter
Kill 100 Giant Bats
Tome Quest: Things with Wings...
Ostland: Vanquish a Champion monster (Heartraker)
Bestial Tactic Fragment806
Kill 1,000 Giant Bats
Bestial Token ††1050
Tome Quest: In the Dark of Day
Black Crag: Explore monster habitat
Kill any bat in the cave at 14k, 34k
Bestial Tactic Fragment1476
Kill 10,000 Giant Bats
Bestial Tactic Fragment?
Tome Quest: Not Available in Any Stores
Chaos Wastes: Deliver components to someone in need.
Die Fledermaus
Kill 100,000 Bat, Giants
   †† Item Rewards earned can be claimed from one of the Librarians in your home city. Token rewards are used as currency to purchase certain items from a Librarian.
   For even more information about Bestiary unlocks, see Guide to Bestiary Unlocks
Going Batty
There is a Kill Collector, Kurgan Ironfist, that will reward you for slaying as many of this mob, or mob type, as you can find!. For this you will be rewarded with 139 XP per kill, above and beyond the XP you will gain for the actual slaying.

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