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When you are reporting a coin amount, such as in a cost section, you can use this template to keep the output consistent. It will also put the amounts in the same colors used in-game, which looks real nice.

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This template uses 3 numerical parameters, thus simplifying the call.

  1. (Optional) Coin Amount
  2. (Optional) Stars Amount
  3. (Optional) Station Cash Amount

Calling Format

{{FR Coin|coin|stars|station_cash|px=|icon=}}


11px is the default size.
If icon is non-blank, output only the icon without a number.


Example: {{FR Coin|5}}

  • outputs: Coins 5 
Example: {{FR Coin||400}}
  • outputs: Stars 400 
Example: {{FR Coin|||700}}
  • outputs: SC 700 
Example: {{FR Coin|10|px=40|icon=y}}
  • outputs: Coins 

This item will cost Coins 5  at any Shards and Accessories vendor.

Rewards: Coins 13 Stars 188 

Icons Used

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