fr quest:What the Cat Dragged In  

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To Start: Speak to Halle Belleflower in Shrouded Glade.
Halle Belleflower says,"Did you see what Jack brought back in his mouth? I have no idea what it is... and I don't want to touch it either.

I hope it's not going to make him sick. Do you think you could take whatever it is to Phyll Chlorowing and see if it's dangerous? "

Halle's cat, Jack, came back with something strange in his mouth. Take whatever it is to Phyll Chlorowing to make sure it isn't something dangerous.
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  • Coins 7 
  1. Speak with Phyll Chlorowing
  2. Obtain some water from the well
  3. Plant the sample in the dirt mound
  4. Return to Phyll Chlorowing
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Run Away Strays Shrouded Glade
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