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The Town of Shrouded Glade
Shrouded Glade
Sacred Grove / Wilds North / Shrouded Glade

This pocket valley is in the very northeast part of Sacred Grove.

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Shrouded Glade has always been a home for Druids, though the Elder Council wasn't officially formed until after the Unbinding. Located on fertile land to the northeast, the Glade is nestled at the base of Misty Mountain; enveloped in a thick and mysterious mist, giving Shrouded Glade its name. It was from within this mist that the Druids gleaned their power.

Unwilling to let their ancient knowledge stay buried within the rubble of ancient ruins, the remaining Druids banded together and forged an Academy that would not only continue to expand on their existing knowledge, but also instruct those who were worthy on how to evoke that power to become a Druid of nature as well. Within its walls they constructed a library filled with what they could salvage from the ruined Athenaeum.

Local Places


Quest Series

Halle Belleflower

  1. Run Away Strays
  2. What the Cat Dragged In
  3. Blue is Good, Red is Bad

Embir Clearwell

  1. From the Falls
  2. Don't Drink the Water!
  3. The Smell's in Snowhill

Diamond Shard

  1. Tran's Plant
  2. Power Source
  3. A Helping Hand
  4. Strong Soil
  5. Growing Green
  6. Feel Better Flowers
  7. Hidden in Mugwort's Hollow
  8. Potion Problems
  9. Lavender's Locker
  10. A Healthy Dose


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