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Misty Mountain
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Misty Mountain

Click on the dungeon entrance to Misty Mountain to begin this battle.

The normally peaceful and benign elemental guardians are attacking anyone seeking the oracle! Find out what's behind this and defeat it!
 Difficulty:     Totals: Coins 75 Stars 262 

Primary: Investigate the Shrine of Knowledge!

Bonus:  Find the pieces of the Oracle's lost tablet of teachings! - 0/4

Don't get knocked out 5 times!
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Coins are earned from Broodmother and the treasure chests, Coins 25 each.

The "Members Only Bonus" for this dungeon is Coins 125 .

Completing the Bonus objective gives you one random piece in a random color of:

  • Archer: Archer gear
  • Brawler: Brawler gear
  • Medic: Medic gear
  • Ninja: Shinobi Ninja gear
  • Warrior: Warrior gear
  • Wizard: Wizard gear

Prize Wheel Rewards

General Purpose








First Place Science Project is repeatable. You should consider picking up this quest every single time you head into the Cellar.

There are 2 boss encounters in this Battle:

The first Boss encounter is a Cray, the Broodmother, past the bridge and at the base of the path going to the top of the mountain. She comes with Broodlings. If you kill all of her broodlings she will summon more. Sometimes, after the fight you will find a treasure chest on her ledge.

On the path up the mountain you will begin to encounter the Elemental Guardians, all of whom protest that they are not under their own will and do not wish to harm you.

The first Guardian has a speech to make. Hit him immediately, as he cannot move or attack until he is done with his script.

There are two roamers on the path from the Elemental Cave to the Shrine. One goes back and forth slowly, so watch for him! Best to take him out as soon as you can. The other heads to the right, then paths slowly back and forth there.

Cave of Secrets

There are three Elementals in the cave: a Fire Elemental, an Wind Elemental, and an Earth Elemental. Treat these like Boss fights, but they do not have quite as many hit points as a Boss. You can pull them out of the cave one at a time for easier kills. (This may have changed since the December 2009 combat update.)

A treasure chest may be in this cave. Once the elementals are defeated, go all the way into the cave and search around the rocks for a chest.

Chamber of the Oracle

Enter the Shrine and the Rose that Knows will talk. Snowface will appear at the cave entrance. He will turn you and himself into an elemental at one point. Just fight through it.

Here is what the Rose that Knows says:

"At last, you have come. I have been waiting for you.
I know you. You are the one...the one who will defeat the frozen heart that holds me prisoner...
But beware! The enemy approaches! Prepare yourself..."
Snowface: "The oracle is mine! You will never leave here!"

The Rose that Knows:

"Finally, I will be a prisoner no longer, thanks to you.
You are the one that will be a light shining amidst the gathering darkness.
I have looked into the future and have seen it come to pass.
We must part for now. We may speak again... in the future."

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