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To Start: Speak to Steele in Snowhill.
Steele says,"Alright, your skill has convinced me that you do deserve a better weapon! We don't have much in stock around here, but there are some old weapons in storage at The Roadhouse.

If you pick them up and take them to Tumbolina in Merry Vale, she should be able to get them in working order. "

Speak with Terrence at The Roadhouse and see about retrieving a weapon from the weapon crates stored there.
This is a Search quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest. This quest will advance the Warrior job.

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The Roadhouse is most easily reach by heading west from the Highroad Junction warpstone.

Robgoblin Initiates are generally found to the north of The Roadhouse.


Equip your warrior gear and travel to The Roadhouse to speak with Terrence.

  • Get the weapon crates from Terrence
    Terrence can be found at The Roadhouse. Terrence says, "Doesn't Steele realize this is an inn, and not his personal storage area? I don't even have the weapon crates because some robgoblins ran off with them. I can't be held responsible.

    If you want the crates back, I guess you'll have to chase after the robgoblins."

    Tumbolina can be found in Merry Vale. Tumbolina says, "Urgh, these weapons are all broken. I can't fix them for you, sorry. I lent my tools out and they haven't been returned yet.

    I suppose I should at least reward you for coming all this way."

Warrior: Achieve Level 5 Warrior
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