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To Start: Speak to Steele in Snowhill.
Steele says,"You have some skill, I'll give you that, but you still aren't ready to handle a true warrior's weapon.

I think you should go talk to Caleb Sleepyswing. He has asked me to send young warriors his way for some work.

Reach level 5 as a warrior and we'll talk then. Good luck! "

Your Warrior training will continue once you have reached level 5 as a Warrior. Return to Steele at that time.
This is a Search quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest. This quest will advance the Warrior job.

  • Coins 5 
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Caleb Sleepyswing can be found along the road leading west from Highroad Junction.


Reach level 5 as a warrior then return to Steele

  • Visit Caleb Sleepyswing
    Find the warrior Caleb Sleepyswing just south of the Roadhouse. Caleb Sleepyswing says, "We don't have time to chat. Besides, a warrior's work is done with a weapon, not their mouth.

    The guests at the Roadhouse need the heroism of a warrior more than ever. Those Hooligans and Robgoblins just won't quit causing trouble.

    Ready your weapon and head to the Roadhouse!

  • Warrior: Level 5
    Level up to 5 as a warrior
    Steele says, "Good to see you again! You look a bit more powerful now. I think you are ready to continue."

Warrior: One With Your Weapon Warrior
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Warrior: You Deserve Better
Contract: Ready Your Weapon!
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