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Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Queen Valerian in Royal Palace.
Queen Valerian says,"Learning new jobs and abilitieswill help you on your journeys! Visit the different Job Trainers in the Job Cener here in Sanctuary.

When you're done, speak to Captain Sunspark. He battled the Gloam when they attacked Shrouded Glade and any advice he gives should prove valuable! "

Queen Valerian has suggested that you meet the different Job Trainers in the Job Center here in Sanctuary

Learn more about the jobs available in Sanctuary.
  1. Talk to Ellandra Shieldbreaker
  2. Talk to Maximus Axegrinder
  3. Talk to Scotty Trackrunner
  4. Talk to Captain Sunspark
  5. Switch to the Adventurer job
  6. Use the Hide ability
  7. Talk to Captain Sunspark
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Captain Sunspark says, "Being and adventurer is dangerous work. Let me show you a trick that could help if you are attacked whne you are not in a combat job like Brawler or Medic."

Switch to a non-combat job and use the Hide ability (press 4).

Captain Sunspark says, " Hide is great for helping you escape when you're attacked by monsters, but it uses energy and only lasts for a few seconds, so be sure to use it only when you need it!

Just remember that Hide can only be used by jobs that don't have other ways to defend themselves."

Captain Sunspark says, "This place just can't stay saved for five minutes, so I guess it's a good thing that we've got heroes like you to lend a hand.

Be sure to check back with the Job Centers and keep learning, because you never know when the Gloam will show up next!"

Off to the Queen Sacred Grove
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