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Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Ivan Smolderwing in Wilds Central.
Ivan Smolderwing says,"There is a cave east of Crossroads that is shaped like a monster's head, but nobody believes me. I didn't go in though, because I was scared. I was so scared in fact, that I dropped my satchel as I ran away from there.

If you can go and get my satchel back, maybe it will prove to my friends that the cave is real. "

Ivan has asked you to explore the cave shaped like a monster's head just east of the Crossroads and retrieve his satchel. Perhaps then his friends will believe the scary cave is real.
This is an Errand quest.

  • Coins 24 
  • Locate the cave's entrance
  • Find Ivan's satchel
  • Return to Ivan
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Ivan's Satchel
Ivan's Satchel
Ivan Smolderwing is at a small camp with three other pixies south of Lakeshore. Another pixie at this camp, Raeya Alderspark, gives the quest Flickering Flames.

Head to Crossroads and travel east along the path toward Blackspore Swamp. The cave Ivan is speaking of is the one that connects Crossroads with Blackspore. His satchel will be just before the mouth of the cave, off to the right.

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