FR Quest:Flickering Flames  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Raeya Alderspark in Wilds Central.
Raeya Alderspark says,"It takes a lot to keep our campfire burning. I use special ingredients to light our fire, but I am running out of supplies.

Think you could help me out? I need globs of bixie wax from Queensfields and bundles of flame flowers which grow near the docks in Lakeshore. "

Raeya has asked you to collect globs of bixie wax from the Queensfields and bundles of flame flowers from Lakeshore so that she can keep her campfire burning.
This is an Errand quest.

  • Collect bixie wax - (0/4)
  • Collect flame flowers - (0/4)
  • Return to Raeya Alderspark
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Raeya Alderspark is at a small camp with three other pixies south of Lakeshore. Another pixie at this camp, Ivan Smolderwing, gives the quest Scary Stories.

The Cave Torch is an update for the Torches collection.

Flame Flower
Flame Flower
Bixie Wax
Bixie Wax

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