fr quest:Making Amends  

Free Realms

To Start: Speak to Oxalis Shamrock in Pixie Nursery.
Oxalis Shamrock says,"Here's my idea. Bulb is always fishing down by the pond. Maybe if he can catch two pretty fish, we could place them in a fishbowl for Flax.

Clearly collars didn't work. Do you think my idea would work? Will you help me? "

Gather fish from Bulb and bring the fish, along with a fishbowl to Flax at the Pixie Nursery.
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Bulb says, "I think I know just the right fish. Ah, you see those two fish right there? They sure are beautiful, aren't they?"

Flax says, "What's this? Aww... Oxalis asked you to give this to me? *Sniffle* I do miss my fish a lot, but maybe I should learn to forgive Oxalis for what he did. Thanks for bringing this to me."

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