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To Start: Speak to Blazing Star in Pixie Nursery.
Blazing Star says,"That cat was owned by one of those lab workers. I forgot who though.

Can you speak to each of them and figure out who the cat belongs to? Maybe one of them will fess up! "

Blazing Star wants you to speak to Zinnea, Oxalis, and Funnel, the lab workers at the Pixie Nursery to see if one of them will fess up about Flax's fish.
This is a Search quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest.

  • Find out which lab worker the cat belongs to
  • Talk to Oxalis
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If you talk to Zinnea, she'll say, "Oh, that's not my cat, but I think it might belong to one of the other lab workers."

If you talk to Funnel, he'll say, "I remember that cat. Nice cat, but it's not mine. You might want to ask Zinnea or Oxalis if the cat belongs to them."

Talk to Oxalis and he'll say, "Oh no... My cat ate Flax's pet fish? This is horrible!" Talk to him again and he'll explain, "I didn't mean to make anyone upset. My cat likes fish and I didn't know they belonged to Flax. Perhaps there is a way I can make it up to Flax."

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