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To Start: Speak to Blazing Star in Pixie Nursery.
Blazing Star says,"I saw a bunch of cats lugging around fish. All the cats in town are owned by someone, right?

Can you check all the cats' bowls to see if one of the cats took Flax's fish? Remember, his fish wore collars. "

Blazing Star wants you to check all the cats' bowls at the Pixie Nursery to see if one of the cats has eaten Flax's fish. Remember; his fish wore a collar.
This is a Search quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest.

  • Check the first cat bowl
  • Check the second cat bowl
  • Check the third cat bowl
  • Check the fourth cat bowl
  • Return to Blazing Star
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A message will appear at the bottom of the screen as you check each of the food bowls:

  • First bowl: Eww! Fish eyes! No sign of a fish collar though.
  • Second bowl: This bowl in empty.
  • Third bowl: The smell of fish here is overwhelming. Still no sign of a fish collar though.
  • Fourth bowl: Oh no! This bowl has a fish collar inside of it. You better let Blazing Star know about this!

Blazing Star says, "Oh my, this is a sad day, but I know that cat. He is owned by one of the lab workers. We are one step closer to finding our thief, -Player Name-."

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