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Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Geoffrey in Royal Palace.
Geoffrey says,"It doesn't add up. History doesn't forget about you if you're in the royal family, and especially not if you were Ayani's twin!

There must be something more we are missing.

Perhaps you could check around Sanctuary, there must be someone who knows their history... "

Why is there little to no mention of Darkthorne in the annals of history? Perhaps a learned resident of Sanctuary knows more.
This is an Errand quest.  This quest will advance the Adventurer job.

  • Coins 26 Stars 225 
  1. Ask about Darkthorne
    1. Ask Nomi -- Quills was needed, instead of Nomi for me (Malarcio)
    2. Ask Sir Whittington
  2. Return to Geoffrey in the Royal Palace
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  1. Ask Nomi, south of the Royal Palace
  2. Ask Sir Whittington, east of the Royal Palace

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Royal Palace
Chapter 1: Find the Caravan!
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