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To Start: Speak to Sampson Idlefist in Snowhill.
Sampson Idlefist says,"I offered my "protection" to a bunch of people, but they haven't paid me yet. It's not wise to mess with the toughest brawler around!

Pay these people a visit and get me my money! "

Sampson wants his money back for offering protection to several people. He doesn't care how you get it, just do it!
This is an Errand quest.  This quest will advance the Brawler job.

  • Coins 26 Stars 396 
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    Loryn says, "I am not giving Sampson any money! He is a worthless excuse for a bodyguard! Now go away!"
    Therin says, "I hired Sampson to protect some crates of gems that kept getting stolen, but he was useless. I am not paying him anything!"
    Murphy says, "I had a problem with someone putting soap in the hot springs and causing an explosion of bubbles. Sampson was supposed to watch and see who was doing it, but he didn't do anything! I am not giving him any money!
    Sampson Idlefist says, "Don't they know who they are messing with? I don't care how you get my, wreck their stuff, beat them up, whatever it takes!

    Make it happen or I'll make sure you end up on ice troll duty like that pathetic Jeni Shortfuse!"

Brawler: Fraudulent Buyer Brawler
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Brawler: Achieve Level 15
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