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To Start: Speak to Jeni Shortfuse in Snowhill.
Jeni Shortfuse says,"We have to prove Sampson Idlefist is a fraud so we can reclaim our brawler pride!

We'll need to gain his trust first. Get on his good side by offering to help him and use this recorder to try and capture some evidence! "

Jeni is determined to get off of Ice Troll duty. The only way she knows how, is to prove her innocence by providing the Mayor with proof that Sampson is a fraud. That means you will need to try to gather some proof that Sampson is a bad guy. First you will need to gain his trust though.
This is an Errand quest.  This quest will advance the Brawler job.

Gain the trust of Sampson Idlefist south of Snowhill.
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  • Sampson says, "So you're looking for work? I can help as long as you're not one of those goodie goodies who's afraid to get their hands dirty. If you can keep your mouth shut and do what I say, you should have a bright future."
  • Jeni says, "Now that you appear to have gained Sampson's trust, you must get a recording of something he says that may be proof of his shady dealings. Go back to Sampson and do some of his dirty work for him."
  • Sampson Idlefist says, "Ah, you're back. So you have decided to work for me? Excellent."

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