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To Start: Speak to Mayor Crystalline in Snowhill.
Mayor Crystalline says,"Need Info"
Mayor Crystalline wants you to talk to a troubled Brawler named Jeni Shortfuse, who is stationed near Howling Hills on Ice Troll duty.
This is a Combat quest.  This quest will advance the Brawler job.

Help the troubled brawler, Jeni Shortfuse, who's on Ice Troll duty outside of Snowy Canyon.
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  • Jeni Shortfuse says, "So the Mayor sent you to talk somesense into me? Well being on Ice Trollduty doesn't allow for a lot of chat time. Help me pummel some Ice Trolls and I'll tell you my story."

  • Jeni Shortfuse says, "This whole thing is Sampson Idlefist's fault. He sent me to Snowhill to sell Sorin some gems, and promised me that he would deliver the goods at a later time. He never did and I got blamed for the whole thing."

Brawler: Achieve Level 10 Brawler
Quest Series
Brawler: Fraudulent Buyer
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