fr quest:A Massive Pearl  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Hennessey in Blackspore Swamp.
Hennessey says,"There are rumors of a giant pearl sitting somewhere in the Cracked Claw Caverns, a prized trophy of old Cracked Claw himself.

If you can bring me that pearl, I'll make sure there's something in it for you. "

Search within the Cracked Claw Caverns to locate and retrieve the giant pearl!
This is a Combat quest.

  • Coins 14 
  • Search for the Cracked Claw's Hoard
  • Retrieve the massive pearl
  • Return to Hennessey in Mire's Edge
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Hennessey wanders the path around Mire's Edge.

You will need to go into Cracked Claw Caverns to find the pearl.

A Massive Pearl

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