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Battles > Tier 5 > Forest Troll Fort
Forest Troll Fort

Click on the dungeon entrance to Forest Troll Fort to begin this battle.

Queen Verda is stealing from everyone - even her own trolls in the village! Ascend the fort and defeat her!
 Difficulty:     Totals: Coins 707 Stars 392 

Primary: Defeat Verda, Queen of the Trolls!

Bonus:  Find and defeat all the Elite Sneak Scouts! - 0/4

Don't get knocked out 5 times!
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You must defeat all three captains to open the door to the final battle with Queen Verda, and you must defeat Verda's Guardian Seerdoctors to be able to harm her.

The Elite Sneak Scouts are hiding, so they are, of course, very hard to see. Actually, they are pretty easy to spot once you know what you are looking for. They actually seem to think that, because they cannot see you (they have their backs to you) you cannot see them! The hard part is, they are the only thing in the fort with no name over it's head, and they do not aggro. You have to click on them to tell them you found them. Then you can fight them.

The 4 Elite Sneak Scouts will be located randomly among the following locations:

  1. Near the entrance door at the beginning of the dungeon
  2. On a small hill to the right just before the first Troll Hut
  3. Along the wall of logs across from the Elite Sneak Scout on the small hill mentioned above
  4. Behind a log, to the left of the first gate
  5. Behind a lean-to, below and northeast of the ledge with the pig
  6. Behind the watchtower on the near side of the rope bridge
  7. On the path up the hill to the main fort (past the bridge), on the left
  8. In the main fort, at the end of the left wall
  9. In the main fort, in the middle behind a short wall
  10. In the main fort, behind a tree "troll"
  11. In the main fort, between 2 rocks, just northwest of the bottom of the path up to the Queen
  12. In the main fort, behind the hut with the 3 Troll Shamans
  13. Pogush's ledge, between the left wall and the lookout tower
  14. Queen Verda's ledge, near a tree between Queen Verda and the cauldron below.

Completing the Bonus objective gives you one random piece in random color of:

  • Ninja: Soke Ninja gear
  • Wizard: Archmagus Wizard gear

Prize Wheel Rewards

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