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Briarheart Caverns

Click on the dungeon entrance to Briarheart Caverns to begin this battle.

Geomancer Hailstorm is ruling his changelings through fear! Defeat Hailstorm to free the changelings!
 Difficulty:     Totals: Stars 420 

Primary: Defeat Geomancer Hailstorm!

Bonus:  Defeat all enemies!

Don't get knocked out 5 times!
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Completing the Bonus objective gives you one random piece in random color of:

  • Ninja: Chunin Ninja gear

Prize Wheel Rewards

General Purpose







Hailstorm sometimes gets stuck in an obstacle in the instance. If this happens, just move past him, until you get a chat dialogue that he summons an elemental. Go back to where he is stuck to kill the elemental and move forward again. After he has summoned all elementals, he teleports to his proper place in the dungeons end.


  • Whatever job you have selected when you enter determines what 'extra abilities' the mobs you face will have in addition to their own. For example, if you go in as a Ninja, the changelings will all have Ninja abilities in addition to their regular job abilities.
  • Speak to Geomancer Hailstorm each time you run into him. When he says he is summoning an elemental, back up a little to stay out of range of the area effects of the summoning spell.
  • The Changelings are as follows, listed in least to highest threat order:
    • The Defilers are healers with very little hp...ALWAYS kill them first! Watch for them lurking in corners, hidden in order to heal their comrades.
    • The Marauders act like weak warriors with low to moderate hp.
    • The Destroyers act like warriors with moderate hp.
    • The Berserkers act like brawlers with quite a bit of HP. They stun and they are paired with marauders, destroyers and/or defilers.
  • There is a large contingency of mobs at the end of the caverns with Geomancer Hailstorm. First he will summon his air elemental. Once you have defeated it go speak to him again. Be ready with lots of potions!
  • Be sure to stay near Geomancer Hailstorm while fighting the air elemental. If you are not close enough to him to immediately start attacking him, you are booted from the dungeon as if you finished it.

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