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What A Mess!
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What A Mess! center

A bunch of excess mail got scattered around the tree in the center of town. Find it all and then make deliveries to the correct address.

This is a Mail Delivery minigame, and can be started as described below.

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What A Mess!
Win the gameCoins 28 

Primary: Find the Excess Mail scattered around town

Primary: Deliver the Letters


Snowhill Postboxes
Click on the maiboxes at the Snowhill Post Office in Snowhill to start this minigame.


  • Remember that you have two jobs to do, find the mail then deliver it to the correct mailbox. Don't stop to celebrate when you find that last piece of mail!
  • Watch your mini-map for your next delivery location; it makes it go much faster to see how they are clustered. They do not have to be done in order. Get the ones close to each other before headed up a long hill.
  • Press '1' to deliver the mail from a distance. Click the mailbox as soon as you can see it and then press will automatically come just close enough to deliver, so press '1' to deliver and immediately move on to the next one.

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