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Pig Pen Panic
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Pig Pen Panic

Lazi's pigs are loose again. Grab those little hams before they're gone for good! Watch out for ol' Snaggletooth, the ornery wild boar that roams these parts.

This is a Timed minigame, and can be started as described below

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Pig Pen Panic - Hard
Primary: Win the GameCoins 10 

Grab those pigs! - 0/6

Return to Lazi

Bonus:  Grab more pigs! - 0/5

Bonus: Grab even more pigs! - 0/5

Bonus: Extra fast completion! (Additional coins)Coins 2 

Don't run out of time!

Lazi's Barrel
Click on the barrel located to the west of Lazi to start this minigame.

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