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Pet Tutorial Basics
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This minigame will teach you the basics of calling and dismissing your pet.

This is a minigame.

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As of December 14, 2009, this minigame no longer exists.


1) Learn how to access your pet

"My Pet" icon
Click the "My Pet" icon on your game dock to access your pets.

2) Learn how to summon your pet

Pet image for summoning
Click on the image of the pet you want to summon.

3) Learn how to view your pet's information

"About My Pet" button
Click the "About My Pet" button to see general information about your pet.

4) Learn how to name your pet

"Pet Window"
Click the check mark in the "Pet Window" to name your pet.

5) Learn how to equip your pet

"Pet Equipment Window"
The "Equipment Window" allows you to equip different items on your pet. Click on an item to have your pet wear it.

6) Learn how to dismiss your pet

"Pet Dog House Window"
Locate the "Pet House" on the left middle portion of your screen. Move your mouse over the "Pet house" then click the yellow X that appears in the corner. This will dismiss your pet and ends this part of the tutorial.

7) Return to your quest giver

Return to Zachary in Stillwater Crossing, Majorie in Crossroads or Mercy Merrywing in Highroad Junction

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